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Insurance Appraisal Services

Milton Engineering Consultants, P.A. (MEC) provides specialized appraisal services to the insurance industry and appraisal umpires. Our technical engineering expertise and familiarity with insurance issues and nomenclature allows our engineers to provide a superior level of in-depth analysis and insight

MEC can provide insurance appraisal services, as a result of a claim or in conjunction with an appraisal umpire during a claims dispute.

Our Areas of Insurance Appraisal Expertise Include
  • Construction faults, failures and defects
  • Damage assessments due to fire, hail, hurricane, wind, tornado, storm surge and flooding
  • Roof and building damage or collapse
  • Building envelope failures
  • Water infiltration evaluations
  • Vehicular impact damage to structures

Expert Testimony

Milton Engineering Consultants, P.A. (MEC) approaches every project with forethought, attention to detail and with the mindset that the results of our investigation may play an important role during litigation. We are very familiar with the legal process and language, and have experience in providing technical advice and guidance during litigation as well as in responding to subpoenas, answering interrogatories, participating in depositions and testifying at trials. 

When called on to testify in deposition, arbitration or at trial, we have the education, training and specific technical expertise required to effectively present both the evidence and our professional conclusions to judges, juries and arbitrators. In addition, our years of experience and technical expertise allow us to clarify complex issues while maintaining a professional attitude and calm demeanor.

MEC personnel have provided expert testimony for cases in both state and district courts dating back to 2000.

A Sampling of Our Expert Testimony Experience
  • Roof leaks
  • Vehicular incidents
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Trip and fall incidents
  • Termite damage
  • Construction defects
  • Flooring damage
  • Fire damage
  • Product defects
  • Storm damage
  • Criminal (permit-related)
  • Property liability issues
  • Code compliance
  • Plumbing backups / failures

Evidence Storage

Your forensic or insurance investigation is complete – but the evidence may need to be stored for months, or even years, without risk of damage, spoliation or chain-of-custody concerns. Secure, dry and safe storage is a critical issue for all types of evidence, but storage of large building materials such as beams, columns, struts, etc. presents unique challenges.

Milton Engineering Consultants, P.A. (MEC) provides our clients with ample dry, indoor storage space – a safe and secure environment for maintaining the integrity of evidence prior to, and throughout, the litigation process. We also offer a conference room should you need work space to review materials during an evidence inspection.

Once a project involving evidence has concluded, MEC can provide for safe and appropriate disposal of stored evidence.